Although I travel a lot, I’ve recently learned that the checked baggage fee is higher at the airport than if you pay for it online when you check-in 24h prior to your flight…rookie mistake! I’ll give you an example: in Copenhagen it was 40€ online during check-in versus 60€ at the airport with Swiss Air (international flight to Ottawa).

Most airlines may charge fees for checking bags no matter if you are flying domestically or internationally. It also depends on your class of service, ie economy vs business.

Prior to your departure, I suggest you consult your airline’s website to read their baggage fees policy. Also, when you book your flights through a third party like Expedia, make sure to the read the Fare Rules and Restrictions in the Additional Information section. On my last trip, it indicated that I had to pay to choose my seat and that I had to pay to bring a checked bag (even though it was an international flight).

In addition, don’t forget that the baggage size limit differs from one airline to another.

I’d also like to share with you some essentials I always leave in my checked luggage:

  • Bubble wrap (for when I purchase fragile items such as wine bottles)
  • A bag for my dirty laundry
  • A rain poncho
  • A universal travel adapter
  • A multi plug surge protector strip
  • A large antibacterial microfibre towel

Safe travels!


Mlle Wanderlust

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